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Advantor Systems Corporation offers automated gate entry systems that increase the level of security and operational efficiency at base gates and other entry control points. Utilizing RFID or Proximity technology, these systems provide positive identification and secure access for authorized vehicles and drivers. Advantor's gate entry systems can incorporate a mix of turnstiles, anti-ram barriers, bollards, portals, entrapments, and access control readers, which can stand up to the toughest environments and high volume usage.

Authorized personnel are assigned to a particular vehicle or group of vehicles and given RFID or proximity tags. As the vehicle approaches the gate, the readers scan the technology tags and determine if they possess authorized security clearance. In order for access to be granted, both vehicle and driver must match and have an authorized access level into the protected area. If access is granted, a green traffic light signals and the gate opens automatically. If access is denied, a red light is signaled and the guard is notified to check out the driver. To prevent invading vehicles, anti-ram barriers and bollards, which can disable a 15,000 lb. vehicle moving at 30 mph, are installed.
RFID or Proximity Tags Anti-Ram Barriers
Access Control Readers Bollards
Entrapments Jersey Barriers
CCTV Systems Arm Barriers
Wireless Hand-Held Scanners Portals/Turnstiles
Integration into Monitoring Platform Perimeter Protection

Advantor Suite V5.0 for Networks
Advantor Suite V4.0 for Networks

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