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Advantor Systems Corporation offers turnkey flight line security systems for the protection of runways, flight lines, hangers, and parking areas. Certified for PL 1-3 resources, Advantor's flight line security systems are seamlessly integrated into our USAF-approved ASN monitoring platform and provide immediate alarm annunciation and video assessment of potential threats. Designed by Advantor's team of security engineering experts to fit your requirements, these systems can incorporate wide area sensors, CCTV, thermal imaging, buried ported coaxial cable, IPIDs, and anti-ram barriers. Automated entry control points control vehicle and personnel access to these critical areas, ensuring that only those authorized can enter.
Wide Area Sensors Anti-ram Barriers
IPIDs Portals/Turnstiles
CCTV cameras Buried Ported Coaxial Cable 
Thermal Imaging An Array of IDS Sensors
Automated Entry Control Points Entrapments

Advantor Suite V5.0 for Networks
Advantor Suite V4.0 for Networks

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