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With over 1000 implementations worldwide, Advantor Systems continues to play a key role in national security by providing systems integration and turnkey installations to the U.S. Government and commercial businesses throughout the world. Advantor has provided total security systems for hundreds of Department of Defense installations worldwide, including the majority of USAF bases. We were selected by the Department of Energy to design, install and sustain over a dozen sensitive nuclear sites throughout the former Soviet Union under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. With unmatched expertise, Advantor has been selected as the security solutions provider of choice for countless Government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and foreign national banks. Advantor has the experience and capability to meeting the demanding requirements of our clients wherever they may occur.

Our Advantage Suite for Networks (ASN) is one of only two monitoring systems certified by the USAF for the protection of PL 1-4 resources, some of the nation's most critical assets. It provides the highest level of integration available with full command, control, and display of all alarm, monitoring, reporting, and auditing functionalities. ASN utilizes dynamic, event-driven displays of graphical facility maps for immediate visual assessment, recording, and notification of alarm conditions. With high-performance, industrial equipment and an available fully redundant architecture, ASN provides around the clock security and
reliability in the most demanding environments.
Advantor Systems began providing security systems to the USAF/AFRC/ANG in 1992. Over the past 16 years, we have become the leading provider of integrated base defense security systems, with 43 Active Duty bases, 10 Reserve Bases and 44 Air National Guard bases selecting the Advantor system. We believe that this success is a result of several key factors:
Our software-based IDS annunciator capability, which has been specifically developed and enhanced to comply with the requirements of AFI 31-101, Chapters 12 & 20; as well as DCID 6/9.
Our Field Panel architecture, which fully complies with the above regulations, yet is flexible to accommodate conversions of older architecture including J-SIIDS, CIIDS and COTS IDS systems.
Our cost-effective approach. Our unique position as both a manufacturer and systems integrator eliminates the "middle man" costs in delivering our systems to the market. Combined with our GSA pricing structure, we deliver superior quality at very cost-effective prices.
Our reputation for customer service. Simply stated, the USAF/ANG market is too small to hide problems. We stand behind our systems and our service, fully recognizing the importance of the assets they protect. Our reputation in this market is second to none.
Additionally, Advantor Systems Corporation has been selected as the equipment provider for the 642nd ELSS Transformational Technology Insertion (TTI) program. This program was established as a pilot effort for 4 bases (including Barnes ANGB) to explore cost effective IBDSS upgrade alternatives for the Air Force and Air National Guard. Learn More about our Integrated Base Defense Systems >>
Advantor Systems helps Local, State, and Federal government organizations overcome the critical security issues they face daily. Budgets are dwindling, but in the wake of heightened security risks, Public Sector organizations are asked to employ more protective solutions each year. Advantor Systems' unique position as both a manufacturer and systems integrator eliminates the "middle man" costs in delivering our systems to the market.
Combined with our GSA pricing structure, we deliver superior quality at very cost-effective prices. By deploying field panel architecture and software-based solutions, Advantor Systems helps to safeguard our nation's assets and ensure peak performance of critical infrastructure. Learn More about our GSA Schedule >> 
Advantor Systems has played a key role in securing facilities covered under the US Department of Energy Nonproliferation efforts. Under contracts from the NNSA, Sandia National Laboratories, and the U.S. Department of State, security solutions have been implemented throughout North Eastern Europe. The solutions deployed by Advantor Systems further advance the Bush administration's non-proliferation goal of increasing security and control of nuclear
materials. Better security at nuclear facilities and labs has become an urgent concern since terrorism risks escalated in the region. Learn More about our Capabilities >>
Recognizing that every organization is unique in its strategy and vision, Advantor System's sister company, Veristream, works closely with each of its enterprise clients to provide a detailed and calculated approach to risk assessment and threat mitigation. Veristream examines any existing systems and policies, and closely reviews security expectations of each within the client's infrastructure.
Veristream has worked for over 40 years, providing turnkey security integration to enterprises of all sizes and all missions. We bring the same level of commitment, products and services to businesses that we dedicate to our government customers.
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