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Advantor System Corporation offers an unmatched diversity of video assessment and surveillance solutions, incorporating technology from the leading CCTV manufacturers such as Pelco, Phillips, Panasonic, and American Dynamics. Our team of security engineering experts can design, install, and sustain a configuration to fit your detection requirements. These video assessment and surveillance solutions can include a mix of equipment such as digital video recorders (DVR), multiplexors, switches, quads, cameras, and PTZ controllers. In addition to video motion detection, these systems can provide alarm annunciation, immediate visual assessment, and digital recording of pre/post alarm events.

In environments where higher security is demanded, Advantor offers an array of medium and long range components which can provide multiple lines of detection under all climatic and environmental conditions. These forward-looking thermal imaging cameras can detect both people and objects through bad weather, smoke, darkness, and other visual obstructants up to 8 miles away. Providing clear, high contrast in both day and night environments, these infrared imaging systems can be ground-based or vehicle mounted and can contain PTZ control capabilities for greater coverage.
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