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Protect your facility by controlling your greatest vulnerability. Visitor control procedures are a vital component to maintaining a secured environment. Advantor's visitor management system mitigates this vulnerability by providing an immediate solution for identifying, managing, and tracking visitors and contractors to your facility. The productivity of your visitor center will increase through enhanced base security, reduced personnel requirements, and paper process elimination.

Our visitor management system can provide real-time tracking of when and where visitors and contractors entered and exited the facility. This allows for effective management and reporting of visitors on the base and keeps organizational information secured from unauthorized individuals. For added visual recognition, an unlimited number of customized ID badges and standard forms such as the AF-75 can be quickly produced and issued to the visitor. Utilizing wireless hand-held scanners, guards have the ability to scan a visitor's identification, at anytime, and pull up information to validate their identity.

With a patent-pending engine, Advantor's visitor management systems can detect and deter potential security breaches before they impact you. Unwanted guests, ranging from barred individuals to known felons, are imported into the engine to alert personnel of a potential threat to your installation. When a visitor is scheduled, scans and cross-checks can be performed to ensure they are a permitted visitor. If an alert is necessary, the appropriate personnel are notified. Advantor's visitor management systems can be used as stand-alone systems or seamlessly integrated with other Advantor applications to provide unlimited flexibility.

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