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Advantor Systems Corporation is committed to providing you with excellent service. We respect each individual’s right to privacy, and make every accommodation to ensure that individual rights are protected. As a security product and services provider, we recognize that there are times when you will be asked for information that is personal in nature. In order to partake in activities with our clients in the security industry, and in the climate that we live, Infrasafe, Inc. has an obligation to ensure, first and foremost, the we have developed this Privacy Policy to inform you about our privacy practices for the entire Infrasafe, Inc. site (which covers

With respect to personal information about individuals located in European Union (“EU”) countries,Advantor Systems Corporation also adheres to a self-regulatory program that complies with the safe harbor privacy principals set forth in the July 2000 agreement between the EU and the United States Department of Commerce. For more information about the Safe Harbor Program, please go to

Advantor Systems Corporation may periodically revise this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in the law, technology or industry initiatives. Therefore, customers should review the principles periodically so that they are up to date on our most current policies and practices.

INFORMATION COLLECTION: Collection of Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) by Advantor Systems Corporation

Advantor Systems Corporation collects personally identifiable information (“PII” — that is, information such as your full name, email address, mailing address or telephone number, and other identification) for the purpose of providing both product and services information and support. When we collect PII from you it is because you are voluntarily submitting the information to us in order to participate in activities that protect the infrastructure of your organization or the organization with which you have dealings and/or a relationship. Sensitive information (eg. medical or health condition, racial or ethnic origin) will not be used or transferred for purposes inconsistent with the above unless the information “owner-the person” expressly agrees to such use or transfer.

Personal information may also be collected at the request of Advantor Systems Corporation. customers for the purpose of marketing and sales. On those occasions, the information “owner — the person” will be notified about the sharing of information. At that time, the information “owner — the person” will have the option to have removed the information collected for sales and marketing purposes. On those occasions when we obtain PII from a third party, we use only reputable sources of such information.

The information managed by Advantor Systems Corporation, will be collected by Advantor Systems Corporation. Unless the customer asks for additional information pertaining to the physical and information security practices, this information will be held at a location selected by the Advantor Systems Corporation Data will be securely held at the Advantor Systems Corporation site or at a designated secure hosting location.

Cookies. Advantor Systems Corporation may employ the use of cookies, or other data designation and marking devices to track the activity of customers’ property. Cookies are small bits of information that the Internet sites operated by Advantor Systems Corporation. place on the hard drive of your computer. Cookies remember information about activities on Internet, FTP and other proprietary sites. Tracking mechanism other than cookies will be employed to ensure that firewalls are not breached, and that other methods used for information protection are not compromised.

Third party software may be bundled in the protection package and is subject to the scrutiny of our information security professionals, at the employment of Advantor Systems Corporation.

NOTICE: Advantor Systems Corporation if requested, will provide its customers with the complete methods employed to monitor information regarding support, product and service issues. It is then the sole responsibility to communicate the security policies and procedures of each individual organization to the individuals that work for; work with; or participate in activities with your organization.

Sometimes we collect personally identifiable information from customers and their associates in manual format, such as in a registration or subscription form. Providing detailed notice in those situations often proves impractical, so consumers will instead be provided with a short notice that describes how to obtain the full text of this Policy and other relevant information from us.

Advantor Systems Corporation’s web site(s) will list this policy for full access and current updates.Advantor Systems Corporation’s web site may be linked to Internet sites operated by other companies; ASP access points will contain only that information that is relevant to the customers’ physical and information security needs.

Some of these third party sites may be co-branded with an Advantor Systems Corporation logo, even though they are not operated or maintained by Advantor Systems Corporation.

USE: Advantor Systems Corporation’s Use of PII
Advantor Systems Corporation will use your PII in a manner that is consistent with this Policy and only for the purpose for which it is submitted, unless other uses are disclosed at the time of collection and you allow us to use your information in these other ways.

Advantor Systems Corporation may share your PII with law enforcement and internal security personnel should there be probable cause for suspicion that security policies have been violated. The first line of information divulgence is to the internal customer security officers. If a crime is committed against a person, the customer’s organization, with a breach in physical or information security Advantor Systems Corporation assumes no liability in sharing the information available toAdvantor Systems Corporation with its client, and if deemed necessary, to investigating law enforcement professionals.

Advantor Systems Corporation’s employees, agents and contractors must have a legitimate business reason to obtain access to your PII and are thoroughly briefed on the confidentiality of the information. Outside contractors or agents who help us manage our information activities (i.e., hosting services, administration, fulfillment, and analyses) may only use PII to provide Advantor Systems Corporation (and thus, its customers) with a specific service and not for any other purpose. Furthermore, Advantor Systems Corporation will only transfer PII to an outside agent or contractor only if the outside agent or contractor confirms that it provides the same level of protection required by the safe harbor principles. In such case, notice and choice will not be provided to the “owner-the person” unless Advantor Systems Corporation intends the outside agent or contractor to use the PII for a purpose incompatible with the purpose for which it was collected. Notice and choice are provided to the “owner-the person” if the PII is transferred to a third party who is not an agent of Advantor Systems Corporation.

If Advantor Systems Corporation obtains PII from a third party, such as a business partner,Advantor Systems Corporation’s use of this information is governed by this Policy. Advantor Systems Corporation will log all personal data sourcing for each individual piece of PII information.

Advantor Systems Corporation may be required to disclose PII to comply with legal requirements (such as a court order), to protect the safety and security of our customers and our employees, and for national security purposes.

SECURITY: Advantor Systems Corporation protects the security of PII
Advantor Systems Corporation uses reasonable administrative, technical, personnel and physical measures to safeguard PII in its possession against loss, theft and unauthorized use, disclosure or modification. In addition, Advantor Systems Corporation uses reasonable methods to make sure that PII is accurate, up-to-date and appropriately complete.

ACCESS: How to access, correct or delete your PII
In most cases, Infrasafe, Inc. will retain PII for ninety (90) days or less, unless it is relevant to the day-to-day operation of our customers’ organization. In the event PII is retained for longer,Infrasafe, Inc. has implemented a procedure for you to access, correct or delete your PII.

To access your PII, an officer or Administrator of your organization must contact your Advantor Systems Corporation, Technical Support Manager, either by e-mail with the word “Privacy” in the subject line, or fax the information to the contact number provided (number), with a signature from your organization’s Officer or organization’s Administrator. Advantor Systems Corporationwill respond no later than fifteen (15) business days from receipt of your request with a list of the PII on file. There may be certain instances when Advantor Systems Corporation may not be able to provide or delete the PII, such as when access would violate the privacy of another individual, when law prohibits access, or when the PII has been lawfully obtained from third party sources.

In the event the PII on file is incorrect, you may correct the PII by sending a written request for correction to the Infrasafe Privacy Administrator at Advantor Systems Corporation, 12612 Challenger Pkwy Ste 300 Orlando, FL 32826 that includes (1) all of the incorrect PII that you wish to change, (2) the corrected PII and (3) your signature authorizing such changes. Advantor Systems Corporation will then correct the PII in its database and send a written confirmation to you within fifteen (15) business days.

If for any reason you wish to stop all future communications of information to and from Advantor Systems Corporation, a formal, written explanation must be submitted by an Officer of your organization or Administrator, and must be directed to the Advantor Systems Corporation. Privacy Administrator at Advantor Systems Corporation, 12612 Challenger Pkwy Ste 300 Orlando, FL 32826. The termination of the relationship must be specified with an effective date. Contact will be made the next business day by your Infrasafe, Inc. Account Representative, or by the Advantor Systems Corporation Privacy Administrator directly. You will receive written confirmation of the termination of the relationship, and a specific outline of information transfer.

REMEDIES AND COMPLIANCE: How to contact Infrasafe about privacy concerns
If you have concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, your use of Advantor Systems Corporation. products and ASP services, physical hardware as it relates to data collection and/or storage, or the safeguard of PII, you may contact the following Advantor Systems Corporation Privacy Administrator:

Privacy Administrator

Last Modified Date to April 7, 2014