Acquisition by Vectrus

Dear Valued Customers,

On July 8th 2019 it was publicly announced that Vectrus, Inc. (NYSE:VEC) had acquired all of Advantor’s shares and thus Advantor Systems Corporation has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Vectrus (

This means that the Advantor brand and people will continue to serve our customers just as we did before the transaction. What’s changed is that we now enjoy the backing, strength, and reach of a $1.3 billion dollar parent. A parent with operations in 22 countries and a similar culture and focus on serving our government customers and their missions.

For Advantor customers, the change should be seamless as you will continue to interface with the same members of the Advantor team as you did before the transaction. Our contract vehicles will remain in place as well as our listings and certifications.

While sharing with you this exciting information, we wanted to take time to also thank you for your business, honor your service, and express how much we value our relationship with you whether it is measured in days or decades.


Advantor Systems

Via State Department- State Magazine.

Advantor Awarded Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year

Under Secretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy presented small business Advantor Systems Corporation with the Department of State’s Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year Award for 2013. In Libya, during the Arab Spring, and under extremely dangerous conditions, Advantor improved the physical security at the chemical weapons storage facility there. This helped to secure the stockpile of Libyan weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and paved the way for the destruction of the Libyan chemical weapons. Click here for the entire article.