Integrated Monitoring Systems


Advantor provides the latest security technology for your facility but perhaps most importantly, we integrate legacy systems to ensure you’re getting the most from your overall security system. The Advantor Suite for Networks (ASN) is powerful Command Control and Display (CCD) system designed to be the nerve center of an integrated security solution. This central station system provides the highest level of integration available with information assurance, passwords controls, access rights, reporting and auditing functionalities.

  • Unparalleled capabilities to combine the following solutions into a single secure database.
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Access Control
    • Video Management
    • ID Badging
    • Visual Identification/Graphics
  • Approved under a range of high security requirements
    • Robust 64-Bit Microsoft® operating environment 2008 Server and SQL database
    • Windows® 10 workstations
    • Current IA management tools and settings
    • UL Listings: UL 294, UL 1076
  • Graphical displays, video assessment and Computer Aided Design (CAD) provide operators the ability to provide real time updates and structured response
  • Dynamic display enabling a ‘drill down’ from satellite map view to detailed floor plan level.
  • Communicates over a wide range of communications platforms
    • Designed to operate on traditional telephony including dial networks, cellular and radio
    • Digital communications over Local and Wide Area Networks
    • Certified 256-Bit encrypted communications
  • Expandable capability that uses the XML Interface to translate information received from smart sensors into alarms on the monitoring platform
  • Situational awareness of all alarm points
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