Corporate Commitment


  • Advantor’s commitment to diversity is demonstrated through strategic initiatives aimed at providing training and awareness to employees and hiring people of diverse backgrounds at all levels in the organization. Diversity enhances Advantor Systems’ ability to serve others and strengthen the global economy for everyone’s benefit. These differences may be immutable or changeable, cultural, ethnic, religious, intellectual, ideological or political.
  • Each of these qualities is integral to the identity we form as individuals, and all are essential to creating a vibrant corporate culture composed of individuals with unique perspectives and backgrounds



  • Advantor Systems code of conduct for ethics and compliance, Building for the Future: Our Business Ethics Code, Awareness and Compliance Program, including Internal Control Systems, affirms our long-standing values and guiding principles and provides practical guidance that we use to help make good business decisions and address the increasing complexity of our business environment.
  • Maintaining trust is crucial to our continued success. Our clients, co-workers, business partners, suppliers, regulators, and the communities where we live and work have come to trust that we at Advantor Systems will “do the right thing.” How we conduct our business is every bit as important as what we do.


Community Involvement

  • It is one of Advantor Systems’ core values to personally invest in our communities.
  • As a community stakeholder, we realize that we must take full account of the needs and challenges of the communities in which we do business and make personal investment to address them.
  • Advantor Systems encourages its employees to give back by promoting volunteer and fundraising opportunities, giving employees incentives, and by matching several of the contributions made by employees.