Advanced Training Seminars

Advanced System Administrator Course (8 days)

Designed for the person responsible for ASN System Administration, the Advanced System Administrator Course is an intense training course that uses the concepts taught in our ASN System Administrator course and helps apply those concepts to the duties of the System Administrator.

The 8-day course begins with an overview of Electronic Security Systems (ESS) including terminology, an overview of components that make up the Electronic Security System, and the principles of Intrusion Detection, Access Control, and Closed Circuit Television when used in an ESS environment.  The course also covers the phenomenology of AF Approved sensors used for IDS and ACS.

A review of the ASN System Administration is conducted as the course transitions into premise control unit maintenance and troubleshooting.

The course includes a module on interpreting and reporting Invalid alarms. (False vs. Nuisance Alarms, acceptable rates for each)

The procedures for conducting period tests on interior and exterior IDS sensors are covered including a review of testing requirements.   Attendees also learn about different reporting requirements including Initial Reports, Failure / Malfunction Reports, and Vulnerability Reports.

A module on creating and managing a local Operator Training program is included in this course and attendees will design an Operator Training program as part of a class exercise.

Advanced Technical Training Description (5 days)

This course provides training for personnel responsible for maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing Advantor field equipment. This is an advanced version of Advantor’s panel programming classes.

Attendees planning to attend this class MUST have attended at least one panel technical seminar within the past two years. Upon registration, attendees are invited to submit questions and topics they would like covered during the week long class.

The course includes advance instruction on the following aspects: installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. The course also covers: Panel Replacement Procedures, Auxiliary Output wiring and Programming, Ground Based Radar (GBR) integration, MSTAR Operation and Configuration, PSRS Operation and Configuration, ASN Integration and Operation, GPS Marker Placement, MSTAR Maintenance, PSRS Maintenance, SCIF panel wiring and operation, Alarm Point Sensor Wiring, Door / Window Switches, Motion Detectors, Audio Sensors, Access Control Wiring, Card Readers, and CCTV Integration.

Due to the advanced nature of the class, attendance will be limited and advance registration will be required.