Infraguard Panel Seminars

Infraguard / Infraguard II Panel Installation and Service (3 Days)

This course provides training for those personnel responsible for maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing Advantor field equipment. The course covers: Comprehensive theory of operation for the Infraguard Panel (version I and II),  In-depth theory of troubleshooting, Add-on modules and panels, Infraguard II Panel Features, Description of different communication configurations, Theory of panel operation, Installation and Wiring, Onboard Encryption, Detailed installation concepts, Detailed instruction on proper installation of field alarm equipment (Mounting, Wiring, Testing, Panel chassis, Board mounting and installation, System grounding,  Panel wiring, and Alarm input wiring), Expansion Panel, Expansion Module, Troubleshooting Procedures,  Maintenance Procedures, and Comprehensive Panel Replacement Procedures.

The Installation and wiring portions of this class are enforced by several hands on practical exercises. This course is designed for system maintainers responsible for installing and servicing Advantor Infraguard panels.

A written as well as practical certification exam is administered to all attendees.